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Workjoy gives you the tools to lead focused, productive and stress-free teams.

Finally, one place for your people, projects, goals, meetings, tasks, wiki and chat.

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Before Workjoy, I always had 22 tabs I never dared to close — never again!

We believe simpler is better at work

We have never had so many productivity tools, and we have never been more stressed out.

Projects, tasks, knowledge, and chat are all disconnected.

Decisions and updates are scattered across a half-dozen tools.

People spend half their day shuffling stuff between apps, summarizing things nobody actually reads and posting updates in a place nobody will ever find.

That is why we have built Workjoy: To provide a single app focused on making it simpler to be a great leader.

We have combined all the best features for collaboration, communication, knowledge sharing and personal growth that good leaders need in one single place. And we have built-in the best leadership practices so you never have to deal with unclear ownership, misalignment or "where did we put this?" ever agin.

With WorkJoy you can manage your team in a single place, your team will be aligned, and you can easily see the big picture.

See what far less software overhead can feel like for you.

Everyting in one place

There is nothing worse than leading a team where scattered all over the place - that why we have build everything you need in to Workjoy.
WorkJoy app home screen

All-in-one Platform

It is hard to stay on top when work is scattered over several different apps.

It just never feels right.

That is why we from the beginning decided that we wanted to build the best all-on-one app for remote teams with all the features they need to make remote work feel as smooth and relaxed as it should be.

One Inbox

Have all your communication across tasks, projects, meetings, channels etc. go to one inbox. This way you never have to look all over to stay on top.

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Focused Channels

Communication channels are great - but can be overwhelming. That is why we have build focused conversations that stay on topic within channels.

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Project Management

Manage projects your teams projects in a single place. Projects can easily be devided in to tasks, set a direction with goals and have meetingnotes for all your meetings.

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Goal Setting

Make your teams direction clear with goals. No matter if your run OKRs, S.M.A.R.T. goals or another framework it will work. And you can easily connect your goals with real work through projects and tasks.

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Task Delegation

Easily delegate tasks to co-workers with clear definition of ownership and deadlines. Split tasks in to sub-tasks as much as you like.

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Meeting Management

Most teams spend a significant time in meetings - so we build a great meeting app to make sure that time does not go to waste.

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Knowledge Base

Centralise your teams knowledge in a single place. We have build in special features to ensure the ownership and clarity needed for great content.

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Team communication without the noise

Work chat can way to easily get off track and loose focus and get lost.

We have build Workjoy around focused conversations so communication stay on topic.

WorkJoy app home screen

Team Communication

Communication is key - especially in a remote or async team.

We have buil communication in to the heart of everything in Workjoy - evrything is conversational.

Our One Inboax the automatically collect all relevant conversations for you in one place so you easily can stay on top.

Make your feel calm

We have built the whole inbox experience to make you feel calm and relaxed.

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Automatically organized

Every conversation is automatically organized by topic, task, goal, project etc.

Always be on top

New messages float up so you quickly know when and where your help is needed.

No information overload

No more scrolling through irrelevant messages to find the real deal. Only see the things you work on.

Tag to notify

Tag a person in a conversation (that they can access) and automatically bring that conversation to the top of their inbox.

What were we talking about?

No more mixing up conversations. We have made it easy to have many different conversations with the same person or group without it all getting mixed up.

Hit your goals as a team

Get a toolbox built for great collaborations across departments.

Now you can finally get things moving.

WorkJoy app project management

Team Collaboration

Now you team can collaborate on all projects, tasks goals and meeting in a single place.

Group it all in to dedicated workspaces to stay on top.

Create real change

Run company-wide projects, team projects or cross-department projects with ease. A unified project platform ensures that everyone is on top and you create real change.

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Hit your goals

Hit your goals effortlessly. No matter if you use OKRs, SMART goals or any other framework, we got your back.

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Get a great meeting culture

Create a great meeting culture with well-planned meetings with clear agendas, resumes and actions items that are easy to follow up on.

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Clear delegation

Never drop the ball when it comes to execution. Tasks are natively built in across the platform. So that no matter where you are given a or delegate a task you are always on top of what is happening.

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Never get stuck

In Workjoy you have full transparency of any project so you know exactly where issues arise.

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Easily share updates

Share progress updates on your own time with check-ins and have more time for real work.

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Make your team smarter

There is nothing more frustrating that knowledge silos.
That is why we have built a knowledge platform that can both be a source of trust and help colleagues learn from the best.
WorkJoy team knowledge base and e-learning platform

Knowledge Base

A single knowledge base build for great async knowledge sharing.
One source of truth

No more misalignment and frustrated team members due to scattered or wrong information. Digital handbooks with clear ownership aligns your team.

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Facilitate help

With a team Q&A you can make it easy for questions to get answered while still providing clear authority to answers.

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Easily find anything

With a great search engine you can find anything you are looking for no matter how deep it is buried.

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