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Hit your goals
Foster a great culture
Keep everyone aligned
Unified Platform

A fully integrated suite of people products

That is why we have taken all the essential things your team needs and combined it in one platform.
WorkJoy app home screen
All the essential tools

With all the essential tools there is no need to remember a ton of passwords and apps to login to just do your job.


Never loose important information. With our omni-search you can find everything work related from one powerful search-bar.

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Stop communication chaos

No more checking around across Slack channels or emails to stay up-to date. In Workjoy all your conversations are where your work is.

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Keep everyone aligned

Don't let important messages drown in Slack or email. Have a dedicated place for important announcements.

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Build to connect

No more data silos. Workjoy is build from the ground up with webhooks and APIs to integrate with all your other tools.

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Save Money

One tool means one sales team, one marketing budget etc. Why pay for the extra overhead with multiple tools?

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Team Collaboration

Hit your goals as a team

Get a toolbox built for great collaborations across departments.
Now you can finally get things moving.
WorkJoy app project management
Create real change

Run company wide projects, team projects or cross-department projects with ease. A unified project platform ensures that everyone is on top and you create real change.

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Hit your goals

Hit your goals effortlessly. No matter if you use OKRs, SMART goals or any other framework we got your back.

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Get a great meeting culture

Create a great meeting culture with well-planned meetings with clear agendas, resumes and actions items that are easy to follow up on.

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Clear delegation

Never drop the ball when it comes to execution. Tasks are natively build in across the platform. So that no matter where you are given a or delegate a task you are always on top of what is happening.

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Never get stuck

In Workjoy you have full transparency of any project so you know exactly where issues arise.

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Easily share updates

Share progress updates on your own time with check-ins and have more time for real work.

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Knowledge Sharing

Make your team smarter

There is nothing more frustrating that knowledge silos.
That's why we have built a knowledge platform that can both be a source of trust and help colleagues learn from the best.
WorkJoy team knowledge base and e-learning platform
One source of truth

No more misalignment and frustrated team members due to scattered or wrong information. Digital handbooks with clear ownership aligns your team.

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Facilitate help

With a team Q&A you can make it easy for questions to get answered while still providing clear authority to answers.

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Easily find anything

With a great search engine you can find anything you are looking for no matter how deep it is buried.

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Personal Growth

Grow your team to their best self

No company is better than the people that make it up.
Help people grow to better versions of them selves and life will be better for them and you.
WorkJoy personal growth and eNPS
Share praise

Create a great place to work by publicly sharing praise, virtual high-fives and other achievements.

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Track eNPS and pulse

Know exactly where your culture is by a real-time pulse tracking.

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Give great feedback

Feedback is key for development. We help your team provide this in a good constructive manner that helps them grow.

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We build with and for our customers. Workjoy is bootstrapped because we want to only be influenced by our customers.

—  Hans-Kristian Bjerregaard, Founder

Join us build the future

We have big plans for making work more joyful.
This year we will launch both a full HRIS and ATS bringing all your people needs in to a single platform.
Launch Q4 24
HR, People & Culture

Be where your people are

No need for your team to switch between a ton of HR tools.
  • Who's leaving next week? Who's joining this month? Are any visas expiring soon? Don't chase – let WorkJoy tell you at the right time.
  • Whether people are working from home, feeling under the weather or are on holiday in an exotic corner of the world, get a holistic view to plan ahead.
  • Collect and safely store essential employee data in one system to run your business - without all the compliance headaches.
Launch Q4 24
Talent Attraction

Attract top talent

Give the candidate an amazingly smooth experience from application to being fully on-boarded.
  • Create great job-postings that will attract top talent so you can find & hire employees, sooner.
  • Focus on hiring, not tedious, repetitive tasks.
  • Create a seamless experience from first application, over on-boarding to a happy employee.