Workjoy as an Alternative to Notion

Tired of that “where did we put this?” feeling and spending time trying to grasp all your tasks?

Maybe it is time to consider Workjoy as an alternative to the customizable all-in-one solution that is Notion. We have made leading easy for you. With Workjoy, you get a centralised workspace with a clear structure aimed for focused work and effortless communication.

Workjoy employee profiles
Instantly see everything you have collaborated with any colleauge on.

What is Notion

Notion is an all-in-one workspace, where you can manage your projects and tasks, and share knowledge (wikis). And the beautiful thing about Notion is that it lets you build and customise your whole project setup.

If you are a small team or an enthusiast for building systems, Notion works just fine.

What is Workjoy

Workjoy is an all-in-one workspace built for leading people. It combines all the best features to make leading easy and collaboration smooth with less software and less noise – we are leaving behind the days of unclear ownership, misalignment, or “where did we put this?”.

We have built-in the best leadership practices, so you can align and grow your whole company with Workjoy. 

Why we made Workjoy as a Notion alternative

Although Notion is cool, it is not suitable for everyone or every situation. We noticed that some things could be simpler to facilitate a leader’s work.

Notion quickly becomes cluttered

Every project, task, or wiki created in Notion is a document. If you need to work on tasks for different projects, you get added to multiple documents to be in the loop and get work done. Just imagine having to read through a lot of pages, just to get to the information that is most relevant to you.

Another aspect that creates noise in Notion is that it is easy to share information, but it is hard to do so in an organised and a “not messy” way. There is no clear ownership of the information and it is not easy to check for previous information. So, you may find yourself unknowingly writing about something that was already shared – the problem is when that information differs from one another.

You can make work organised in Notion, but that takes a lot of time to enforce rules so that your team knows how to do the work.

At Workjoy, sharing and following up on information is really smooth. There is a well-defined structure of who is the owner, which makes leading and delegating responsibility much easier and more transparent. And, there are high standards for the information that is shared, which means there is less noise created at the end of the day. 

Our handbook feature, for instance, was built with a focus on creating high-value content instead of sharing many documents of low-value content. When you have a team of over 10 people this is critical.

Notion quickly consumes a lot of manual work to maintain

When you first build a system, you need to do follow-up work to maintain it and document it.

Nevertheless, when people use Notion, the tendency is to build a system when there is a problem to solve and immediately share it with the people who can help solve that issue without properly communicating how the system works. Thus, it is very common for shared information to start repeating itself. This creates a space of wasted projects hanging around – the recipe for chaos.

Project management in Notion becomes tricky especially because it is hard to get a clear overview of all your tasks and projects. Consequently, employees spend a lot of mental energy figuring out their next tasks and goals.

In Workjoy you never have to look up work between you and your employees. You simply check their profile, where you will find all your shared work.

We built Workjoy with a focus on structure – Structure creates predictability, and predictability creates flow.

You can build anything = You have to build everything

Notion gives you the freedom to create your desired systems and project layouts. This means you actually need to build the systems to get work done, which is not that different from having a Google Doc or spreadsheet.

If you love building hyper-customised systems for your teams, Notion is your go-to solution.

But, if you wish to have an already built structured workspace with all the key features essential for leaders to manage their teams and tasks in one place, you have Workjoy.

Nowadays, to manage your teams’ work virtually, you either find super specialised software – e.g. one task management app, one goal setting app, one meeting app, etc. – which requires you to constantly switch between multiple software or, on the other end, you have broad platforms where you can build anything – e.g. Notion. Workjoy lands in the middle, its focus is not on building systems but rather on getting work done.

Most people spend $$$ building the same things in Notion

Notions gives you the freedom to create any system, any set up for your workspace. This means you actually need to build those systems.

If you want to have a highly efficient and tailored workspace, you will likely need to contract developers to build and maintain those systems, and potentially educate others on how to do it themselves.

In the end, this ends up being quite costly.

At Workjoy, we provide every tool you might need to do great work - every tool you may ask your developers to build. There is only one pricing plan. No matter if you are managing a team’s project or if you want to use our platform to lead your whole company, you get ALL the features for the same price, $19 per employee/month.

Notion has a confusing communication system

Although Notion has a communication feature called the inbox. Most people who use Notion also have Slack on their side to agile the organic communication between their team. Notion’s inbox works more like the commenting section of Google Docs, which can create friction when discussing certain issues.

In Workjoy, you can have focused chat conversations for every task, project, or meeting, making discussions clearer and decisions easier to make.

Workjoy is FAST ⚡

There is a common complaint about Notion, which in the beginning is fast but as you start adding a lot of data to its databases, it becomes slower. This is a pitfall of having a you-can-build-it-all code. 

Workjoy was built from scratch to be super fast and lightweight. We have optimised its code so you can enjoy a faster experience – no matter the amount of data you’ve shared.

Features in Workjoy you will not find in Notion

Our goal is to offer a distinctive experience, with a focus on simplifying. We do the hard things, so you don’t have to – and for that, we have some unique features.

A great chat experience

At Workjoy, we make communication effortless. Our mindset when building the software was: One conversation, one focus.

For every project, task, or meeting you have respective chat messages, so there is always a clear focus for the conversation. It’s simple for you to send DM to your colleagues and also to create channels, which you can use for company updates for example.

Only see what is relevant to you = no clutter

In Notion, there is not much of a ownership and delegating feature to help your work become more focused. You can create a table with two columns where you write down who owns the task and who will execute it. But, that is just that, a table.

When you want to delegate a task, you still need to add the person to the project. The problem is that they get access to everything about the project, everything everyone is doing, and not just what is relevant to them.

At Workjoy, we want to minimise the excessive mental overload. When you set a new task you automatically assign an owner and a delegate, and you only see what is relevant to you, be it a project, a channel, a handbook, a task, etc. Everything that is shared is filtered and tailored to you.

For instance, if you are part of a project, you see every task. But if you are only relevant to one of the project tasks, you will only get access to that particular task.

If you can see it, it is relevant to you – this is Workjoy’s way of making things simpler and removing noise.

Native support for tasks, projects, goals, meetings, etc.

We are deep believers that the best workspaces are where you can have your whole company on one platform.

So, we have handcrafted every feature according to the best leadership practices and the best user experience – planning, discussing, and executing become effortless. It is like having multiple apps built into one. 

We have built the things you have to create on your own in Notion. That way you can focus on your actual work.

Share workflows across teams

In Notion, for every new page you create, you have to create a new workflow. Each database works in its own way.

At Workjoy, we made it easy to share your workflows between teams. This means you can create a specific workflow for every department, and with a simple few handles it can be shared with everyone.

We help you create a predictable structure for your team’s work so that everyone knows how good work is done.

An uncluttered knowledge-base with clear ownership

Notion’s wiki feature is a great tool for knowledge sharing for a decentralised organisation – like the internet. The problem is that companies are not decentralised organisations, there are hierarchical ones. To transfer knowledge effectively, you need structure – and that is why our handbook tool is a success.

If you think about it: books have worked for us for thousands of years as a way to share knowledge. They have a narrative (in other words a structure) and a clear owner of the information.

We brought narratives and ownership into our knowledgebase space in the platform. So ideas can be born, work can be done, and following up can be painless.

Built and hosted in the EU 🇪🇺

Workjoy’s software is built and hosted in the EU – which means it follows EU strict data protection regulations, like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR ensures your personal data is securely handled.

Being hosted in the EU, we fully comply with EU laws and regulations regarding data protection, consumer rights, and other legal frameworks. 

Your important and personal company data will always be protected and respected.

Key takeaways

While Notion is a centralised platform perfect for small teams, simple tasks, and customization enthusiasts, Workjoy is a structured and built-in all-in-one platform that makes leading easy and work enjoyable.

There is a workspace for your company with less software and less noise.