Calm Leadership Method

At Workjoy we believe that everybody deserves to be just as excited about Mondays as they are about Fridays.

The single factor that has the biggest impact on how you feel about Mondays is your leader.

Calm Leadership is a method to lead in a way that makes you and your team excited about Mondays. Workjoys App is built to help leaders practice Calm Leadership.

But don't think Calm Leadership is something new. In fact all great leaders through history share the same traits - just wrapped in their own special flavor. Calm Leadership is based on our own experiences and successes as leaders in the modern world but draws on experiences from some of history's greatest leaders as far back as 300 BCE.

What we hope you get out of it

If you are an experienced leader, we hope that this method will inspire you to new heights for you and your team.

If you are a new leader, we hope this will be a guide to quickly become the great leader your team deserves and not make some of the costly mistakes we have made.

If you are an aspiring leader, we hope that you will use this method to prepare well for the challenges to come.


1. Fundamental Skills
  1. Writing as a superpower
  2. Balancing sync and async work
  3. Pain + Reflection = Progress
2. Everyday Practices
  1. Create good rhythms
  2. Align your team
  3. Integrated feedback
  4. Be highly available
  5. Be a great delegator
  6. Lead great meetings
  7. Be long term empathetic
  8. Be resilient