Workjoy Makes Leading Easier

Leading is hard, and doing so with a remote team can feel overwhelming. Especially when you have to switch back and forth between different apps to stay on top of things and be of support to your team.

We believe software should facilitate your job instead of making it more challenging. This is why we built Workjoy. We built it for you, for leaders like you.

Our mission is to make it simpler to be a great leader. Thus, we built an easy-to-use digital home for you to be a leader without unnecessary stress.

Workjoy employee profiles
Instantly see everything you have collaborated with any colleauge on.

The problem of not having software designed for leaders

Whether you are leading in a physical work environment or a remote one, nowadays you have multiple software solutions to help you organise information, communicate, and follow up on your team’s work.

The problem is that all these platforms were not built for leading people. Some of these apps are meant for chatting, some for writing and sharing documents, others for project managing, or even for creating systems. 

Consequently, it is almost accepted as normal to be constantly jumping from one platform to another to effectively get work done.

If your goal is to be a support for your team and help them be productive, how does it make sense to have your work and communications scattered across several apps?

None of these apps were made for you. You are just a user.

With Workjoy, we draw on leaders’ best practices to handcraft the whole platform. We make sure leaders are at the centre of Workjoy and are not merely users.

What makes Workjoy THE all-in-one app for leaders

We believe everyone can be a great leader. But with the current business and technology scenario, leaders often fight an up-hill battle with the current set of tools available. Leading has become more overwhelming.

So, we designed Workjoy to eliminate chaos, bring more joy, and save you from unnecessary mental overload.

Here are the features that make us who we are:

Stay in the loop without having to jump between apps

Constantly switching between software drains your energy. Every tool is built differently and when you jump from one tool to another, your brain needs to quickly adjust to its system. On top of that, having the feeling of “Where did we put this?” or “When did we discuss this?” increases your mental overload.

With Workjoy, our aim was to create a platform that integrated every resource you might need to manage your team and do your work. 

Less cognitive load for you and your team means more brain power for the real work.

In Workjoy, you can easily manage projects and tasks, plan meetings, set goals, have conversations through DMs or channels, have a valuable knowledge base, and get a 360º overview of your direct report’s work through Employee Profiles.

See every message organised around the work

Long chat messaging with your whole team can sometimes be a pain, especially when there are multiple topics to cover, and a sense of urgency to reply.

In Workjoy, every conversation has a sole topic attached to it - be it about a task, a project, or a meeting. Even when you want to send a DM, Workjoy asks you to give it a title, so everyone can see what the topic is about.

Our motto is: One conversation, one focus.

This way, you always have the right context for the right answer. And every conversation you might engage with will neatly appear in your inbox. So, everything is organised for you.

You never have to ask “Where are we on this?” again

Those days of sweating to stay in the loop of your team’s work are over.

With Employee Profiles, you have access to every active project and task of your direct report, as well as its status. This eliminates the need for those quick meetings or interruptions to know where your team stands.

You can also get an overview of their past work through the task and project tabs, or navigate the other tabs to get access to their goals, meetings, and past conversations with you.

Employee Profiles give you all the information you need to be prepared for your 1:1 sessions. We did the hard work, so you only need a click to get in the loop.

A meeting system to help you prepare and easily follow up

To guarantee a meeting is successful, you need to dedicate 50% of your time and efforts to prepare the meeting, 10% to lead the meeting, and 40% to follow up on the meeting.

We designed Workjoy to facilitate preparation and following up on meetings.

When you are in the preparation phase, our meeting feature allows you to:

  1. Set the meeting time and schedule and invite participants.

  2. Decide if you want to make the meeting async, or keep it sync.

  3. Write an introduction to the meeting – Why are you meeting?

  4. Add any useful resources – be it a link or an uploaded document.

  5. Write the agenda - you can add extra information for each topic (e.g. what decision you want to make, what needs to be considered, etc.).

  6. Have conversations through the commenting section to ensure everyone is on the same page when the meeting occurs.

To make following up easier:

  1. While you are having the meeting, you can add extra notes and which decisions you agreed on to the agenda.

  2. Decisions can be highlighted to prevent later misalignment.

  3. Each participant can create action items for their next steps, which our software will automatically transform into tasks.

Use goals to help your team stay aligned

Goals give your team a clear direction. The better aligned your team is, the better results they will produce.

In Workjoy, you have a whole section where you can set goals for your team. As they are effortlessly accessible, it is easy for them to stay on top of your and your team’s mind.

A knowledge-base for you to lead even when you are not present

Books have been around for thousands of years, and they have proven to be one of the most effective ways to pass down information.

With Workjoy’s knowledge base, you can share handbooks of information to help your team navigate certain topics. For instance, you can create a How do we do great work to let your company know how things work in your company and what they should expect. 

A dedicated knowledge base enables you to lead even if you are not in the room.

Keep each conversation on track with Workjoy’s channels

Our channels enable you to have year-long conversations without losing track of what is being discussed.

For each topic you want to explore with your team, you create a single conversation within a certain channel. Thus, as time goes on, you will have multiple conversations entries carefully organised by topic within that channel. This makes it easier to recollect information if needed. 

Use channels for company updates

Our channels enable you to write to your whole company or specific departments. Plus, because they allow you to easily keep track of every conversation, they become quite useful for company or team updates.

We design the channels for you to effortlessly have dedicated company updates, where every update you write will be a new focused conversation. This avoids the cluttering of information and makes following up on your logic easy for your team.

Make leading simpler with Workjoy

We built the digital home for leaders. Now you have a place to do your work while managing your team. It is super lightweight and fast with everything you need to succeed. If all this sounds good, you can try out Workjoy for free today.