Let the conversation come to you

Tired of checking 10 different channels and apps just to stay up to date?

In WorkJoy you have one inbox that works for you and collects all your conversations across tasks, projects meetings, DMs and channels.

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Don't struggle to stay up to date

All conversations in Workjoy are tied to the actual work and automatically collected into one simple inbox.
WorkJoy inbox

One Inbox

Make your feel calm

We have built the whole inbox experience to make you feel calm and relaxed.

Automatically organized

Every conversation is automatically organized by topic, task, goal, project etc.

Always be on top

New messages float up so you quickly know when and where your help is needed.

No information overload

No more scrolling through irrelevant messages to find the real deal. Only see the things you work on.

Tag to notify

Tag a person in a conversation (that they can access) and automatically bring that conversation to the top of their inbox.

What were we talking about?

No more mixing up conversations. We have made it easy to have many different conversations with the same person or group without it all getting mixed up.

Keep your conversations on topic

It is incredible how much focus a single title brings.
WorkJoy direct message conversation

Direct Messages

Stay on topic

Our whole conversation model is built around conversations focused on one topic you set in the title.

Set the right team

Pick any cross section of people you want to talk to for this conversation.

Loop in new people easily

Need to loop in a new person and not start all over? Just add them to any existing conversation to get their input.

Have many converations with ease

In chat it is hard to have multiple conversations going in a channel or with a person. Our focused conversation was made to tackle this exact problem.

Perfect for remote work

Chat is not built for people living on the other side of the planet. Our conversation model is built with async and remote work in mind.

Built for great ideas

Chat is built for fast single replies. That culture prevents deep work. Our conversations are built for longer thoughtful deliberations that solves problems.

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