Align everyone with your goals

Tired of your goals just getting stuck in your slide deck?

Allow your entire company to work with goals freely across teams and allow them to reach new heights.

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Move the needle

Most leaders don't use goals - and that is a shame.

There is no easier way to make your team focus on outcomes than a clear goal. Do we actually move the needle or do we just run around in circles?

But if goals are so great why don't we use them more? Because goals often live in their own tools, spreadsheets or behind outrageous paywalls - all distancing them from your teams everyday work. That is a shame since it robs leaders from the best tool for aligning their teams.

To make it simpler to lead we have made goals a core feature, easily accessible to everyone. Set goals for projects to make sure they really do make a difference or align your team with OKRs or SMART goals - it all just works.

Any goal you set with a team member will always be easily avaliable for you and them in their profile for super easy access and to stay top of mind.

Make goal-setting easy

Make it easy for everyone to plan, follow-through and reach your goals.
Goal details in Workjoy

Easy To Use

Run OKRs or S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Our flexible goal model works with any established goal model and or just simple goals for performance and alignment.

Cascading goals

You can easily cascade goals from the CEO down to the individual employee without overwhelming anyone.

Easy status updates

With every goal update you can update the goals status to align everyone on goal progression, how we got there and what the outlooks are.

Clear delegation

Make accountability easy with a clear division of responsibilities.

Overcome big challenges

Divide big goals in bite sized accomplishments with sub-goals. This makes it easy to set both ambitious long term goals but also breaking it up into pieces that are manageable.

Goals and tasks in the same place

Goals are easy to set but hard to reach if they are not followed up by concrete action. Set specific tasks for each goal to make sure you get there.

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Never lose track of your goals

Goals only work if they are top of mind!

That is why you can instantly see all goals you have with a colleauge on their profile.

Employee goals on their profile in Workjoy

Top of Mind

Never lose track of goals

Never lose track of current and historic goals. Just go to any colleauges profile and see all current and previous goals you have collaborated on.

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Easy 1:1 preperation

With easy access to all historic goals for a direct report you can get fully up to date for your 1:1s in seconds.

Full transparency

Are sub-tasks or sub-goals blocking a goal you have delegated to a colleauge? Quickly identlfy these and help resolve the problem.

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