Considering a more focused alternative to Slack?

Are you exhausted from always having to keep up to date on Slack? Ever dreamt of exchanging messages and having work discussions without needing to constantly interrupt your work?

Here is why you need to move over from Slack - a chat platform - to Workjoy – a workspace for focused conversations, where you can actually do the work while collaborating.

Workjoy employee profiles
In Workjoy you can have both chat and posts channels.

What is Slack

Slack is usually companies’ go-to messaging app to keep teams and internal communications running. Its distinctive feature is the channels – a space where you can connect departments or teams in one conversation.

Slack helps you instantly connect and talk about work – be it through written text, audio, or video clips.

What is Workjoy

Workjoy is the platform for communicating AND getting work done. With similar features like Slack, it brings connection to the centre of the stage while at the same time directing it to specific tasks and projects. Thus, creating an environment where communication can be focused, direct, and productive.

With focused communication, leading becomes simpler.

Why we made Workjoy a Slack alternative

Although Slack is an outstanding comms app, we are living in a time where we need less software and more focus – we need a different solution. Think of Workjoy as the anti-movement to always-on chat. 

Better work happens when communication is more focused.

There is no work done in Slack – it is just talk

If you are using Slack, chances are you also use platforms like Notion, Asana, … to organise and do your work.

Slack is a platform for connecting and not for getting work done.

To create less overload and fewer distractions, we built an all-in-one platform. With Workjoy you can manage your team, plan, execute, and follow up on work, while easily communicating through our channels, DMs, or task/project/meeting conversations.

We need more focus in our team conversations

In Slack, you have channels, and you have DMs. The problem is that although they make communication easy, they are not project or task-bound. There is not a clear and specific focus for every conversation you engage in.

Consequently, information easily gets lost or difficult to pin back. If you think about it, Slack's channels are usually a year-long conversation about one theme, so it becomes hard to have many ongoing relevant conversations.

In Workjoy, the chat feature was made so that any conversation has a clear focus – a task, a project, a meeting, … They are about real work.

Workjoy’s channels should be used for particular topics (e.g. company updates) and are not meant to be your regular chat communication mechanism – for that, you have the regular inbox.

Slack threads are just broken

Slack was born as a tool to make continuous communication with your team easy. Therefore, their structure allows you to have year-long conversations.

Although this may sound like a good thing, discussions usually become cluttered with multiple pieces of information – it is actually very hard to have different conversations simultaneously on the same channel. To minimise this, Slack created Threads – the possibility of answering comments in a section of its own.

But there are two problems:

In Workjoy, these problems do not exist simply because each inbox conversation draws directly from a topic-specific task, project, meeting, DM, or channel. You can have multiple conversations with a colleague without losing track of the information – one topic, one conversation.

One inbox so you do not have to check 13 different places to be up to date

Teams that use Slack for communication do their work elsewhere. This means when you want to stay on top of things you need to check every platform and relevant channel. In Slack, you might need to check channels and threads, and you might have to check all the other systems, like email, Google Docs, Notion, etc.

At Workjoy, we believe the best work is done when you are feeling calm. For that, you need a platform that facilitates instead of adding more buzz. In our inbox, you can access every conversation to keep updated – be it about a task, a project, a meeting, a channel, or a specific DM. 

There is also a useful tool you can use to get an overview of your team’s work, which is Employee Profiles – where you access active projects and tasks, common meetings, past conversations, etc.

A less intrusive team communication to foster reflections instead of reactions

Slack was built to foster instant and quick replies. When you are using a comms platform for work with such a mindset, it can easily cut your flow. Are you familiar with the “I need to be quick to reply” feeling?

Workjoy was built on a different mindset: You need to keep room for focused work. The chat feature should be at your disposal, but you should only check it when it best suits you, and not because you are being constantly interrupted. This gives you more space and time to think before replying, which can result in richer discussions.

Great communication on the actual work

When you do not have a clear structure or chat system that helps you stay on track and focus, it is so easy to ramble off-topic.

For productive work to happen, people need to come together and their time collaborating needs to be preserved. At Workjoy, we build our communication system to help you stay focused.

For every message, there is just one topic under discussion. Thus, you may have five different ongoing conversations with the same person, all about different issues.

A structure like this also eliminates the “I don’t know when we discussed this” kind of feeling you usually get in other chatting apps when you want to retrieve information. In Workjoy, you can search for the conversation if you remember its topic (title) or you can look into your colleague’s profile, where you will find your past conversations.

Features in Workjoy you will not get in Slack

Contrary to Slack, Workjoy is the workspace from sync and async communication. To make your experience smooth and effortless, we added some unique features.

Channels with focused conversations

In Workjoy, for each channel, you can have multiple focused conversations.

For instance, you can have a channel for your marketing team. Every topic you want to introduce and share with that department is created as a new conversation. This avoids the cluttering of information and makes following up on certain topics easy. Besides, if you need to discuss multiple issues with the department you can do that without losing focus, as every issue is a different conversation – contrary to what happens in Asana.

Task and project management with a great chat experience

For each project or task, we have built a comment section that allows you to quickly start a conversation on the specific topic with the delegate (or the owner, if you are the delegate). After that first comment, the conversation will appear in your inbox.

Our mindset: one conversation, one focus – for better and more productive work.

Knowledgebase built in where your team communicates

When you are growing your company, you can communicate with your teams via conversations and meetings, or via sharing information.

Shared information can be critical to align a company on how you do work, for instance. To facilitate this form of communication, in Workjoy you have a section for knowledge sharing. Consider this the place where you share an actionable handbook of valuable information.

Communication does not happen solely with quick replies. We integrate every aspect of our platform, so you can promote alignment even when you are not present.

Employee profiles where you can see all past conversations

To make conversations an intricate part of your workflow, with our employee profiles you can access work information – like their active projects, common tasks, and meetings – as well as all your past conversations with that person.

With this feature, you can say goodbye to “I don’t know when or where we discussed this”. Click on the profile and quickly find what you are looking for.

Mention everything: Tasks, projects, articles, conversations, etc.

Slack allows you to mention other people in the messages you send, like most chat apps.

In Workjoy, because your focus, as a leader, is to manage your people so that they can do great work, we made it possible to mention everything in your conversations. You can tag tasks, projects, articles – everything you find relevant.

Built and hosted in the EU 🇪🇺

Workjoy’s software is built and hosted in the EU – which means it follows EU strict data protection regulations, like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR ensures your personal data is securely handled.

Being hosted in the EU, we fully comply with EU laws and regulations regarding data protection, consumer rights, and other legal frameworks. 

Your important and personal company data will always be protected and respected.

Key takeaways

Slack is for talking. Workjoy is for communicating, leading and getting work done.

In just one platform you have an outstanding, well-structured comms experience while you manage projects and complete tasks.

Workjoy is about less software, more alignment, and a better experience.