Help Your Team
Help Each Other

Your team should not have to chase you or their colleagues down for simple questions that have already been answered.
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One place for questions

If your don't create a place for common questions they will be everywhere and nowhere.


Help each other

Make it easy for your team to help each other with a dedicated space for questions.

Remove interruptions

Your team will have questions but with no formal place for them they will end up interrupting you or their colleagues.

Thumbs up

Help your colleagues help each other by up-voting the best answers.

Make sure answers are correct

The only thing worse than no answers are wrong answers. We have made it easy for your team to quickly find the right things.



By making it clear who have provided the answer it is easier to determine the validity of the answer.


Help show the most popular answers through up-votes by other colleagues.

Verified answers

Prevent confusion with verified answers. Verified answers closes the question to other answers.

The right answer is at your fingertips

With a powerful search engine the right answer is never more than seconds away.


Accurate search

Our team drove billions in revenue with e-commerce search engines at our previous company, so we know what works.


Get answers in milliseconds so your team never has to wait for knowledge.

Access anywhere

With our command bar you can start a search from anywhere within Workjoy.

Make it easier for your team to know what is right.

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