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Stay In Sync While Not Interrupting Work

Create a culture of transparency and connection with frequent check-ins on both work progress and personal well-being.
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7 out of 10 employees want more daily or weekly check-ins than they’re currently getting.

Sources: Harvard Business Review


Stay up-to-date without interrupting

Let your team update you on their time and drop the boring status meetings. Use the extra time to double down with help where you are truly needed.
WorkJoy check-in with custom questions
Stay updated

Make it easy for your team to check in and keep you in the loop without taking time from their real work.

Identify where to help

Quickly identify where you can truly help your team move forward if they get stuck.

Make it your own

Each team leader can set their own check-in frequency and add their own questions relevant for staying in sync with their team.


Never lose sight of your goals

Make it easy for your team to update any goal progress and estimations directly from their check-ins.
WorkJoy check-in with goal updates
Always up to date

Goals are no good if you work on outdated information. Make it easy for you team to keep you in sync.

Identify issues early

Identify stuck goals quickly to help addressing the root cause and get your team moving.

Keep focus

Most goals gets forgotten until review but by including them in the check-in you ensure they are always top of mind.


Keep things moving

Let no tasks remain undone with quick and easy updates on progress and estimates from your team directly in their check-in.
WorkJoy check-in with task updates
Stay in the know

Know exactly what tasks are progressing and what tasks are delayed or overdue.

Get unstuck

Identify stuck tasks quickly to help addressing the root cause and get your team moving.

Help reduce the load

By seeing all tasks at check-in you can prevent team members from being overwhelmed by too much work.


Know your teams pulse

By continuously asking for peoples anonymous opinions you know where you are today and can act in time.
WorkJoy check-in with company and team pulse survey
Get the true picture

Feedback is always flavored by the most recent experiences so by asking continuously instead of eg. quarterly you get the true picture over time.

Make it easy

Don't overwhelm your team with a ton of questions. We pick just the right questions depending on when they last checked in.

Fully anonymous

Pulse surveys are always fully anonymous so your team can be honest and safe.


Foster a great feedback culture

A great feedback culture doesn't arise naturally. Make it easy for your team to give good feedback and praise each other on a regular basis.
WorkJoy check-in with team feedback and praise
Continuous feedback

By asking for optional feedback for you and colleagues in every check in you remind everyone that feedback is appreciated.

Spread the energy

Good deeds are often forgotten so remind your team to praise and high-five their colleagues that did a good job.

Praise in public

All paise in Workjoy is public and will be in the home feed for all to see.

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