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No More Bad Meetings

Most meetings suck - but they don't have to.
Workjoy is build on scientific best practices to ensure all your future meetings rock.
Get Better Meetings
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Have meetings that matter...
... and drive real results!
71% of all meetings are considered unproductive by employees. But when leaders implement good meeting practices overall job satisfaction grow by 49%.

Sources: Zippia, Harvard Business Review

Before Meeting

Set everyone up for success

The best meetings have clear agendas set ahead of time.
The very best allows all participants to read and comment on the agenda beforehand to ensure that everyone can contribute meaningfully to the meeting.
Meeting agenda collaboration in Workjoy
Meeting introductions

Great meetings have great introductions by the meeting owner that sets out the scope, purpose and goals of the meeting.

Collaborate on agenda

Set an agenda and let participants comment and share their thoughts ahead of time to make sure all invited can contribute meaningfully to the meeting.

Don't waste time

Clear agendas allow participants to opt-out of a meeting if they don't have anything meaningful to contribute. This frees them up to do more meaningful work while still having access to meeting notes after the meeting.

During Meeting

Have meetings that matter

Make sure your meetings make an impact and don't get off track.
Meeting agenda and notes in Workjoy
Have a clear agenda

A clearly visible meeting agenda makes it easy for everyone to follow the flow on the meeting and arrive prepared.

Take great notes

Rich meeting notes for each item provides everyone the information they need. You can even @-tag other meetings, people, tasks, goals, projects, announcements or any other data you have in Workjoy for rich context.

Get things done

Most meetings don't make an impact. That's why we have build in the option to add a final decision for each agenda item and nudge everyone towards action.

After Meeting

Make following up easy

No more losing track or forgetting to follow up.
We will make sure that all action items you add during the meeting will get done.
Meeting action items in Workjoy
Make sure things get done

Actions items are assigned directly as tasks in Workjoy so you never lose track.

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Better communication

With meeting notes and highlighted decisions everyone can go back and recap the meeting.

Clear decisions

With highlighted decisions you make it clear to everyone what should get done.

Have you had your last bad meeting?

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