Considering a More Modern Alternative to Asana?

Scaling companies need a powerful people-centred tool that makes leading easy, not a centralised solution that is solely focused on project management.

Here is why you should move over from Asana and consider Workjoy as its people and project management alternative.

Workjoy employee profiles
Instantly see everything you have collaborated with any colleauge on.

What is Asana

Asana is a centralised project management platform. It was built to help you scale your company, manage strategic plans, and make your company-wide goals accessible to anyone.

If you need a platform to manage your projects, Asana is a good option. But you will need more to manage your team.

What is Workjoy

Workjoy is an all-in-one workspace built with leaders in mind. It combines all the best features to make leading easy and collaboration smooth – leaders are not supposed to manage tasks, their job is to manage people.

We have built-in the best leadership practices, so you can align and grow your whole company with Workjoy. 

Why we made Workjoy as an Asana alternative

Although Asana has solid project management features, it lacks being a digital home for people management. That is where we come in.

Leaders need people management more than project management

Asana is focused on helping produce better and more focused work. They have workflow automation, an easy overview of tasks and goals, and time-tracking timelines – all of which sum up to a superb product management experience.

Nevertheless, they lack people-centred features, which are essential for project management. For instance, they do not have a place for meetings or great chat support. And how can you do great work without great collaborations?

When we built Workjoy our focus was on how we can facilitate a leader’s job and make it simpler and calmer. Not only did we build solid product management features, but also created a great chat experience, so leaders can find every resource in just one place.

A communication experience you will enjoy using

Asana has an inbox. But, considering great messaging apps that are currently available, this feature comes across as considerably more limited. That is why most people who choose to use Asana also resort to other chat apps, like Slack, to communicate directly with their team.

Since collaboration is critical when doing great work, having a platform that unites everything is a must – and a time saver! With Workjoy, you don’t need to have an app for project management and another to talk about the work and make decisions. With focused DMs, channels, and people profiles, communicating through our platform becomes effortless.

Goals are important tools for leaders – they should not be behind an expensive pay-wall

Goals are critical for aligning a company and its teams. When you have set clear goals and have a platform to overview them, tracking performance becomes easier.

Although every company’s projects are created with goals in mind, Asana only makes this feature available at a higher price in their payment plans.

At Workjoy, we believe you should have all the crucial tools to do great work at your disposal from the start. So, we only have one pricing plan - $19 per employee/month – which includes EVERYTHING. This way, setting goals and tracking performance is painless.

Better support for project meetings

In Asana, when you want to create a meeting and introduce notes, you need to create a project. This means that for every meeting created, you need to create a new project.

In Workjoy, we focus on creating less noise.

We built a single meeting page where you can go from preparation to following up.

To support your preparation, you can easily add an introduction to the meeting, share relevant resources, add the agenda, and have conversations prior to the meeting.

During the meeting, you can simultaneously edit the agenda and add notes and decisions.

For following up, you can write action items that will automatically become tasks in your task panel.

Features in Workjoy you will not find in Asana

Asana can be seen as a project management tool. We built Workjoy to be a people management solution. So, we have some distinctive features to offer.

Fully fledged team chat so you need fewer apps

We have come to a time when we need fewer and more efficient software tools.

Why have your best resources in different places when you can have them in just ONE place? With Workjoy you do not have to use Slack to keep your team conversations rolling. 

We have built the ultimate chat feature that allows you to easily send DMs, start conversations focused on projects, tasks, or meetings, use our channels to make announcements or updates, etc. – Everything you might think you need for good communication, we have got you covered!

Team knowledgebase where you do your work

Do you know what is a great way to keep your team aligned and share knowledge without creating a chaotic cluttered space? 


In Workjoy, you have a dedicated space to share handbooks of information with your team – be it a handbook on how you do great work or a step-by-step guide for a specific department, you name it. 

Handbooks allow you to lead even if you are not present.

Unfortunately, in Asana, you do not find a similar feature – you have a project tool, a task tool, and a goals tool (if you pay a high price), but you do not have a knowledge base.

Project workflows

Workflows create a structure for your team about how work is done in your company. They are essential to generate predictability and consequently flow.

Although Asana has a workflow feature for tasks, you will not find one for projects. And managing a project is equally important to flowing through the tasks.

To make it easier for you to understand where you are at in the progression of a task or project and what phases still need to occur, we have built-in workflows for tasks AND projects. With a few handles, you can easily share them between teams.

Following up has never been easier.

Native meeting apps

At Workjoy, we built the system to support the preparation and following of your project meetings

As soon as you schedule a meeting (like you would in your go-to calendar), you can start effectively preparing for it.

There is also a comment section that allows you to have a conversation and ask questions before the meeting.

While you are having the meeting, you can add notes and decisions to the agenda, so everything is easily accessible to everyone.

And if you want to take a step forward and wish for a platform that easily supports following up, look no further. When you add an action to your meeting page, that action automatically transforms itself into a task (which you can later edit and add more info).

Employee profiles with all info – not just tasks

In 2021, Asana introduced its user profile feature. By clicking on a user, you could access a brief bio about them, the projects they were collaborating on, their tasks, and the teams they belonged to.

But what if you also wanted to have easy access to meeting notes you have shared with that person or a specific conversation you discussed?

We built user profiles in Workjoy to have all the relevant shortcuts – our mindset: Save you time finding the information you are looking for. By clicking on a user profile, you see:

See all your delegated tasks

In Asana, you can delegate tasks to multiple people and you can have multiple owners. This leads to uncertainty or ambiguity regarding who does what and who is responsible for what. It is the recipe for counterproductive issues, such as the typical “I didn’t do it because I thought you were doing it”.

At Workjoy, we promote a clear ownership of tasks – only one owner, and only one delegate. We even decided to visually represent this relationship with an arrow. 

In the case that more than one person is collaborating on a certain task, you have to create sub-tasks with specific instructions for each person. Thus, you will avoid unproductive issues from arising, and keep things transparent within the team.

Built and hosted in the EU 🇪🇺

Workjoy’s software is built and hosted in the EU – which means it follows EU strict data protection regulations, like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR ensures your personal data is securely handled.

Being hosted in the EU, we fully comply with EU laws and regulations regarding data protection, consumer rights, and other legal frameworks. 

Your important and personal company data will always be protected and respected.

Key takeaways

While Asana was built with a hyper-focus on project management, Workjoy is structured to keep work fluid and leading simple.

With just one platform you have an outstanding comms experience while you are planning, executing, and following up on tasks and projects.

Workjoy is about less software and a better experience.