Your people at the center

In most software your people are just users.

In Workjoy your people are the center of gravity everything else orbits around.

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People centered software

The biggest problem with all the software we use as leaders is that people are mostly just a by product.

The key focus is either projects, tasks, channels, documents, folders, spaces etc. Never the people who it is all about in the end.

In WorkJoy we have made employee profiles the center of gravity everything else orbits around.

Easily find any colleauge in your company and see what you are working on right now and everything you have collaborated on in the past. We have also made employee profiles feel personal giving everyone a chance to express themselves.

Finally you can see exactly how people relate to each other and interactively navigate your whole companys org chart.

Easily work with any colleauge

When you open a colleauges profile you will automatically see everything you are currently colleborating on. Go to the other tabs to see all meetings, conversations or the projects and tasks you have ever worked on - it is all there.
WorkJoy app home screen

Employee Profiles

Employee profiles gather all work you have with any colleauge in one convinient place.

What you see is unique to you.

This makes it easy to collaborate across teams without dropping the ball or for leaders to stay on top before 1:1s.

Know your colleauges

Personal profiles allows everyone to know each other better. Especially iportant in a remote- or hybrid-work world.

Interactive org chart

Drop those static org-charts that no one really uses. In Workjoy everyone can see how people and teams are connected and interactively navigate the entire organisations.

Never drop the ball

Look up any colleauge and see all the work you are currently collaborating on. Never miss a thing again.

Never miss a goal

See all goals you have worked on. This is especially handy for managing performance in your team as a leader or running OKRs.

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Easily delegate tasks

Tracking delegated tasks is easy-peasy. Instantly see all active tasks or any task you have delegated to a team member in the past.

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Keep projects on track

Easily keep many projects running without losing track on who is doing what and when.

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Never forget a decision

What did we actually decide on in the meeting? With easy access to any meeting you have ever been to together you never have to discuss that again.

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Keep your best ideas top-of-mind

Don't let your best ideas gather dust in some hardly ever used knowledge base. Make it easy for your team to find your handbooks on your teamwork and key strategies.

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Easily find that conversation

You remember that conversation you had with Rebecca, but what was it called? No matter, just find her profile and you can se all your previous conversations.

Everyone right at your fingertips

Find anyone from anywhere just by search for name or title.
WorkJoy search command bar

Instant Search

Find any culleauge directly from the search bar.

Search from anywhere. With our omni-search you can find everything work related from one powerful search-bar.

Lightning fast

We find things while you type so going from one task to another takes mere seconds.

Nicely organized

All results are grouped into types so they are easy to scan through.

Access anywhere

Access the command bar anywhere in Workjoy by simply typing Cmd + K or click search in the menu.

Get things done

The command bar can be used for more than search. You can create new tasks, goals etc directly from anywhere.

Feels like superpowers

With our keyboard-first design pro users can fly through their tasks with Workjoy.

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