We build software that make people get more joy out of work

We believe everyone should look equally forward to Fridays and Mondays

Workjoy is the all-in-one solution for a better workplace

WorkJoy is the modern, flexible People Success solution.

We provide ambitious leaders what they need most — a powerful platform all-in-one platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, personal growth, talent attraction and HR to efficiently manage their businesses and people.

We believe that happy people and great business performance goes hand in hand. Great results can't be achieved without happy people but ambitious people can't be happy if they are not creating great results.

We have built a platform that makes it easier for you to achieve both happy people and great results at the same time.

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Our Story


Growing a business is hard work!

I built Workjoy based on my own experiences growing Clerk.io from 1 to 150 people.

When building a business you constantly have to balance the well-being of customers, employees and owners. Truly great business are able to be good for all parties but it is all to easy to make improvements for one group on behalf of the others.

The ability to balance them all is what is called great leadership.

But great leadership is hard and a skill few people ever get to truly master.

What is worse - every single mistake you make while learning has real personal consequences for other people.

While scaling Clerk.io I constantly felt that I needed a tool to manage my ever growing teams. There was (and is) a ton of great tools out there for better collaboration, knowledge sharing and helping people grow. But they are super fragmented and each tool only solves a small part of the problem. So picking all the tools I needed to truly help my people ended up being too overwhelming.

So I only had two choices - doing too little but having fewer tools or doing what I believed to be right but drowning my team in tools.

That is when I knew the world need something better - and I could bring it to life.

So through a whole year after stepping down as CEO of Clerk.io I interviewed some of the best leaders I knew, read up on all the literature I could get my hands on and tried every tool out there.

The result of all that work is Workjoy - an all-in-one tool based on science to make real people get more out of work.

I hope Workjoy will save you from re-doing all my mistakes 😊

Hans-Kristian Bjerregaard
CEO & Founder, Workjoy

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