Delegate with ease

Stay on top of your work and remove stress and misalignment.

Built for making people collaborate, delegate and work better together.

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Built for getting things done

Make it easy to get things done and for everyone to stay on top of their work.

Built with the best leadership principles in mind to make delegation and alignment super easy.

Task details in Workjoy

Easy Collaboration

Best leadership practices

Built to support great leadership principles with clear communication, clear ownership and clear deadlines.

Know when things get off track

One of the best signs of bad delegation is not setting clear expectations. In Workjoy you always have to explicitly tell who should do a task and when it is expected to be completed.

Keep priorities straight

Easily help others to understand what is urgent, high, medium or low priority to always get the most important done first.

Sub-tasks all the way

With indifinate levels of subtasks you can easily delegate sub-problems to people across your entire company.

Easily organise work

Use tags to clearly organise your tasks across teams.

Communication is key

Most productivity software have some form of chat but it is clearly not the core product. We made communication the best possible experience as it is core for collaborating on work.

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Delegate with ease
Staying on top have never been easier

See all tasks you have delegated to anyone in one single view.
Track delegated tasks in Workjoy


Track delegated tasks

Make it easy to be on top of all the tasks you have delegated. See in a glance who is on track and who needs your help.

Work your way

Organise delegated tasks by assignee, priority, stats, due date - whatever gives you the best overview.

Delegate from anywhere

With our Cmd + K shortcut you can create new tasks and delegate them from anywhere within Workjoy.

Collaborate with anyone in your company

With employee profiles you can always see exactly what you are working on right now or at any time in the past.
Task list in Workjoy

Cross Functional

Easy collaboration across teams

Make it super easy to work with anyone without losing a task. When you look up any colleauge in Workjoy you immediately see everything you are currently collaborating on.

Never forget a thing

We humans remember people more than tasks. See all previous tasks you have collaborated on and easily find what you were looking for.

Be instantly ready for your 1:1

As a leader you can look up any direct report and instantly see all current and previous work to be the leader who is well prepared for their one-on-one conversations.

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