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Task list in Workjoy
Clear delegation
Know exactly where we are
2 of 3 of managers struggle with delegating tasks effectively - leading to low team moral and increased stress. People who have access to great collaboration tools are 17% more satisfied with their job and workplace culture.

Sources: Forbes, Stress.org, Zippa

Best Practice

Built for Great Leadership

Many task-managers let you do just what you want - including bad leadership. Not us! A key principle of Workjoy is that great leadership practices are built in features.
Task detials in Workjoy
Well defined ownership

Make ownership explicit by clearly showing who owns the task and who it has been assigned to.

Clear expectations

One of the best signs of bad delegation is not setting clear expectations. In Workjoy you always have to explicitly tell who should do a task and when it is expected to be completed.

Instant feedback

Work together directly on the task instead of having conversations all over the place in other tools.

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Make it easy to collaborate

WorkJoy makes it easy for everyone to collaborate effectively across your organization.
Task list in Workjoy
Great delegation

Make it easy to be on top of all the tasks you have delegated. See in a glance who is on track and who needs your help.

Always know exactly what

Never lose track of where a task is headed. We automatically analyze each task and give you a clear indication whether this will be done in time or not.

Delegate from anywhere

With our Cmd + K shortcut you can create new tasks and delegate them from anywhere within Workjoy.

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