Say goodbye to the not-so-“all in one” solution (since you still use extra apps)

Having to juggle between multiple platforms to have a productive project management experience only creates chaos.

It is time to move over from the customizable and consider Workjoy as its simpler, clarity-driven alternative.

It’s free to try.

Workjoy employee profiles
Instantly see everything you have collaborated with any colleauge on.

What is is a customizable project management platform. It was built to help you manage your work from goals and tasks to timelines and task ownership. It gives you a bit less freedom compared to Notion, and more customizable perks compared to Asana.

If you need a platform to manage your tasks, is a good option. But you will need more to manage overall projects and your team.

What is Workjoy

Workjoy is a true all-in-one workspace built with leaders in mind. It combines all the best features to make leading easy and collaboration smooth with less software. We are leaving behind the days of needing to switch back and forth between apps to get the best experience and resolve your needs.

We have built-in the best leadership practices, so you can align and grow your whole company with Workjoy. 

Why we made Workjoy a alternative

Although has solid project management features, it lacks in some key aspects necessary for a complete team’s management and painless collaboration experience. That is where we come in.

A highly customizable software means you have to build everything

Customization may feel like an irresistible proposition. This is mainly because having a workspace fully tailored to your desires, carries the message that it will effortlessly meet all your business needs.

Nevertheless, with a high level of personalization means you have to build the blocks you want to have in your workspace. Giving a second look, it is not that different from working with spreadsheets.

If you love this level of customization and don’t mind everything that comes with it, may very well be your go-to workspace solution.

But, if you wish to cut the time spent creating new blocks, maintaining, and documenting personalised features, as well as teaching how the systems work to new team members, you have Workjoy.

Workjoy has every key feature you need as a leader to do great work – everything is already built into your workspace.

UI is very technical so you’re spending hours on things that are not work was built with customization in mind. This level of freedom has drawbacks not everyone is willing to go through.

Once you set up an account on, and before you have the opportunity to start working on the platform, you are asked a set of questions so the software can better tailor workspace suggestions to your situation. This can be a bit annoying if you value quick and effective setups.

Also, another pitfall common to platforms that offer personalization is that you have to learn how to set the features you are looking for. Hence, there is a steep learning curve and a considerable amount of time spent building and maintaining a feature. Plus, it is very easy for your team members to break the blocks you create, simply by not following the “rules” you set for great work.

In Workjoy, you will encounter a fast-forward sign-up process and a workspace with every key feature already integrated so you can start working right away, without compromising quality. As we handcrafted default features, you can allocate the time you were going to spend creating a personalised workspace to doing the actual work.

Communication isn’t enjoyable so you need to use other apps has a conversation feature, which allows you to talk to your team members on specific tasks. Nevertheless, people who use as their workspace often resort to Slack or Teams for a more enjoyable and organic communication experience.

This contributes to more chaos and mental overload in the long run, as you have to constantly check multiple places to get an overview of discussions, decisions, and important information.

In Workjoy, you have a focused and smooth chat conversation for every task, project, or meeting directly in your Workspace. On top of that, it is easy to communicate via our channels or DMs. Thus, we designed THE platform where you will not have to switch to a different app to connect and collaborate with your team.

No real meeting support leads to a chaotic workspace

If you want to register keynotes from your meetings on, you have to create a project – similar to Asana. If you want to keep things organised, you will end up creating a new project for every meeting to have. Thus, things can get a bit crowded in your workspace after a while.

We designed Workjoy because we believe simplicity and clarity are drivers of great work. Thus, we built a meeting page into your workspace.

In Workjoy, you have a dedicated and structured space to prepare and follow up on meetings.

With no built-in knowledge base, sharing knowledge is trickier

Team alignment can be tricky if you only do it verbally. Knowledge Bases – collections of written handbooks – are what allow you to lead even when you are not present. 

Although knowledge bases are critical for leaders and their teams, you will not find a similar feature on

In Workjoy, you have a dedicated space to share handbooks of valuable information with your team (e.g. sharing a handbook on how to do great work). Thus, you will find it easier to keep your team aligned and share knowledge without creating a chaotic cluttered space.

Features in Workjoy you will not find on

Less software and more focus for a simpler workspace – this is what we strive for. Thus, we built some unique features.

A chat experience you will not want to switch

We took away the pain and sweating of being up to date on all your platforms. We made communication with your team effortless.

With you can comment on specific tasks, in an attempt to keep things organised. We took a step further. For every task, project, or meeting, you have a dedicated space to start a conversation. For each conversation, one clear focus.

Plus, you can easily send DMs to your team – again each of them has a clear focus, as you are asked to name a title, so everyone knows what is being discussed – and you can use our channel feature to share announcements or updates.

Employee profiles so you can quickly access every information you need

Do you want to stay in the loop without having to constantly interrupt your team or have that feeling of “where is that information we discussed the other day”?

We built employee profiles so you can have all the relevant shortcuts in the minimum amount of time. Search for your employee’s name, click on their profile and this is what you will see:

Workflows you set once and can easily share across teams

On, if you want to create a customizable workflow, you have to create one for every project. Besides, this feature is only available for tasks, which is unfortunate because managing a project is equally important as managing a task.

At Workjoy, we know that predictability leads to productivity, and workflows are one of the simplest ways of creating structure and predictability in a workspace. We designed Workjoy to allow you to easily create specific workflows for each department, and with a few handles share them with everyone.

Be it a project or a task, you will always know where your team members stand and which steps they still need to cover to reach the expected outcome. Plus, workflows are extremely valuable for employees, as they give them guidance on the steps they need to take to do great work.

Every feature drawn on the leadership best practices

More valuable than having your whole company in a single platform, is having a workspace that incorporates the best leadership practices to make your work simpler.

At Workjoy, we handcrafted every feature so you can get the support you need and the best user experience. From tackling a task and managing a project to structuring a meeting, planning, discussing, and executing becomes effortless with Workjoy.

We did the hard work, so you can enjoy a clarity-driven workspace.

A knowledge base to make leading easier even when you’re not present

Besides conversations and meetings, sharing written and structured information is a powerful tool to align and grow a company.

For thousands of years, books have been one of the most effective ways of information sharing – they encompassed the power of stories and turned them into tangible artefacts with a clear owner. Nowadays, we have another dimension we can work with: Digital handbooks.

In Workjoy, we built a knowledge base where you can share handbooks with valuable and actionable information. This allows you to lead with being present and it helps your team navigate critical matters.

Built and hosted in the EU so your data is well protected

Workjoy’s software is built and hosted in the EU – which means it follows EU strict data protection regulations, like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR ensures your personal data is securely handled.

Being hosted in the EU, we fully comply with EU laws and regulations regarding data protection, consumer rights, and other legal frameworks. 

Your important and personal data will always be protected and respected.

Typically, you will not find this level of data protection in software built and hosted under the US law and jurisdiction landscape – like


While offers you a customizable solution suited for task management, Workjoy delivers on the promise of making leading simpler and work more enjoyable. We designed a structured and built-in all-in-one platform that saves you time and draws on the best leadership practices.

There is a workspace for your company with less software and less noise.