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Effortlessly manage cross-functional projects spanning different teams.
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Set up your team for success

Projects are what brings purpose to individual tasks, goals and meetings. Set yourself and your team up for success with rich project backgrounds that drive that purpose.
Project introduction in Workjoy

Provide Purpose

Work effortlessly cross departments

We have built Workjoy to remove company silos and make it super effective to drive projects across teams and departments.

Keep track on overall progress

Clear project updates make it easy for everyone to know exactly where we are in a glance.

Custom project workflows

A project is not just a project. Create your own custom project workflows for planning, execution and followup.

Measure project impact

There is nothing worse than doing a lot of work with little impact. Make sure your projects actually make a change with project goals.

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Easily delegate tasks

Tracking delegated tasks for projects is easy-peasy. We have made it effortlessly to delegate and track project tasks even across teams and departments.

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Keep projects on track

Easily keep many projects running without losing track on who is doing what when.

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Keep track of every meeting

Have every kickoff or status meeting for a project neatly organised so everyone can see and stay in the loop.

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Loop new people in with ease

With everything neatly organised for you on the project page, it is super easy for new people to join the project later and instantly be up to speed.

Built for async and remote work

Your project conversations are neatly organised for you in your inbox so people don't fall out of the loop just because they work remotely or are away that day.

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