Outstanding Performance Deserves Recognition

Share public praise to recognize hard work, celebrate wins, and reinforce high performance.
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Companies with systems in place for celebrating wins have 31% lower turnover.

Sources: Deloitte

Celebrate every win

Create a wining culture by celebrating every win. See something good? Give a immediate high-five and share with the team.
WorkJoy employee praise

High Five

Give more praise

Make praise easier by giving a high-five or praise from everywhere at any time.

Praise multiple people

Winners often don't do it alone so make sure to @ mention everyone who helped.

Praise in public

All praise is included in your company feed so everyone can see.

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Save good things for a bad day

We all have days where we don't feel on top. But nothing gives you that boost of energy like going through your peers praise.
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Remember it all

We save all you received praise for you to go back and read at any time.

Stay motivated

Being able to go back to praise makes the good feelings last longer increasing morale and motivation.

Learn from your wins

Learn from what other people liked and make sure to do more of that.

Celebrate more wins

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