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Communicate Clearly

Clear communication is key to any high performing organization. This becomes harder as you grow and important messages are often overlooked. Get Clear Communication
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Align your team
No more communication chaos
While companies of 100 people on average loose $420,000/yr due to bad communication a staggering 74% of employees have the feeling they are missing out on important company news.

Sources: Gallup, SHRM

Company Feed

Get everyone on the same page

Make it easy to stay up to date with a single personalized company feed.
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Each employee gets their own unique company feed relevant to them.

Smart prioritization

Don't let important messages drown in chats. A announcement from the CEO will stick around longer.

No more fatigue

You no longer need to be overwhelmed by keeping up with a ton of (mostly irrelevant) Slack channels and mails.


Get the message through

Not everything should be send in chat or emails. Make important announcements stand out.
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Celebrate together

Help you team celebrate your victories.


Keep the conversation on point with direct chat for each announcement.

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