Meeting Series

Hans-Kristian Bjerregaard
Jun 08, 2023
1 min read

Today we have launched a series of small updates to Meetings.

You can now easily navigate between other meetings in the same series and quickly make copies of a meeting.

Meeting series

The first feature is the ability to see and quickly navigate through all other meetings in a series.

Most meetings have some repeating elements to them. Some are 1:1s with a particular employee or status meetings for the same project. Workjoy will now show you a quick overview of meetings in the same series making it super quick (talking milliseconds) to go back and fourth if things from a previous meeting show up in your current meeting.

Copy Meetings

When having he same meetings you often just want to copy the agenda, participants etc to get started.

We have made this easy with a single click on any meeting. No need to configure and update a ton of templates, simply pick the meeting you want to have again and click copy and you are all set.

Other updates

Here is a list of other updates we have made to the platform:

Bugs we have fixed:

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