Virtual Team Building Activities

It brings remote teams together and creates bonds with teammates through different activities. Since communication is not in person, trust and transparency are crucial.

Understanding Virtual Team Building Activities

It is very important to promote a sense of connection in your team. Virtual team-building activities are designed to make your team feel close, even if they work remotely and have never met in person.

These activities can be very varied, including icebreaker games, virtual team challenges, workshops, and social events. The point is to create opportunities for team members to interact, participate and bond in a virtual environment.

Examples of activities

This are some of ideas for different activities to use with your team, if you can't make a decision about which one to choose, try to use them all and see how your teams feels and what works the best:

How can activities be adapted to suit different team sizes and dynamics?

The general goal of these activities will still be the same, but not every company is on the same page when it comes to employees or different work dynamics. It is important to adapt and here are some considerations: 

How can WorkJoy help?

WorkJoy counts with different communication channels and tools that facilitate virtual team building. The personal profiles allow everyone to know each other better. As a leader, you can also take advantage of the channels and groups to report on team buildings or meetings.