SWOT Analysis

It is a tool for studying the situation of a company, institution, project or person, analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats internally and externally. 

Understanding SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis is a structured approach to strategic planning, offering insight into a company's internal strengths and weaknesses along with external opportunities and threats. Provides leaders with valuable insights to be better at decision making and succeed with it. 

Breaking It Down:

How to Use SWOT Analysis as a Leader

Before we start using SWOT analysis, let's understand what it's all about. Think of it as a way to figure out what we're good at (our strengths), where we can improve (our weaknesses), what opportunities are out there, and what challenges we might face (the threats). It helps us understand our business better so we can make smarter decisions. 


Leaders need tools to make good choices and be able to adapt. SWOT analysis helps leaders see what their organization is good at, where they need to improve, what opportunities are out there, and what could cause problems. Doing this analysis together as a team helps everyone know what direction to take. With SWOT analysis, leaders can make smarter decisions that help the organization grow and succeed in the long run.

How can WorkJoy help?

WorkJoy facilitates teamwork by allowing us to work together in a more flexible way. For example, you can create projects and assign tasks to the managers of your departments where they can also delegate to the team to create their SWOT analysis of each department where each one contributes in their own way, giving us more time to think about things. This is really helpful for the flow of projects and tasks.