Change Management

Change Management is a systematic approach for dealing with the transition or transformation of an organization's goals, processes and technologies. 

Understanding Change Management

Change management processes are designed to help and support change. That includes determining ways, unique to your organization, that you can support change with employees, within teams, or as part of your overall department structure. There are two types of changes:

How to apply Change Management?

They focus on communication, planning, and involving everyone affected by the change. First, leaders need to clearly communicate the reason for the change and what it means for everyone involved, also how it affects them. Then, they should plan every step with care and attention. Lastly, involving employees in the process helps them feel valued and more willing to adapt to the change. It is important that if this change affects the way a department works or the tasks, you can dedicate time to resolve any problems that may arise or make them feel supported.

How to get support from your team?

Getting them onboard during change can be challenging. Here are some tips for leaders: 

What ethical concerns should we consider?

It's crucial to consider the impact of decisions on employees and the community. If you are a leader, try to keep this in mind:


As you have seen, there are many things to take into account when making changes to your business, regardless of the size. Really, the most important thing is how you approach your team and how you support them in these changes. When your team understands and responds to what you need from them, the path will be much easier to navigate.