Take Charge of Your Life

I am building Workjoy to be the platform i wish i had when i bootstrapped Clerk.io to 150 people. I can honestly tell you that I have never been more excited about any business i have build - this is the big one 😎✌️

I am looking for the best professionals and leaders within sales and marketing to join me on the rocket ship that is Workjoy.

I'm tired of traditional employer/employee relationship in business since it always becomes a zero-sum game. With Workjoy I'm going for a model where my partners build their own businesses within the business and thus have full autonomy of their own time, money and life.

No matter if you want to build up a steady business with recurrent revenue to make your life easier or you want to build a big business with your own great culture you are welcome at Workjoy.

Founder, WorkJoy

How Our Partnership Will Work

What is my role as a partner?

As a partner you will build your own portfolio of Workjoy customers.

How you build it is completely up to you and depends on your strengths. There are no restrains or fixed ways of working - i entrust you to do what you believe is best.

Some partners are experts in direct sales and may go that road, others might be great marketeers and others again might be great managers and build their own organization to grow their portfolio.

What's in it for me?

As a partner you receive 50% of your customers revenue forever.

Some additional services may have different splits (eg. premium support) dependent on who does the work but the core subscription will always be 50/50.

Besides that the big benefit is freedom. As long as you work a regular 9-5 (or more) other people will always own you time and your work. With Workjoy we are equal partners in this venture and you can build a bit business and become wealthy or you can live a free life just maintaining your subscription revenue.

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