Create a Strong Feedback Culture

Foster a great feedback culture by letting feedback flow freely.
WorkJoy feedback anywhere

360 Feedback

Everyone have access to all their feedback at any time in Workjoy. This allows for these quiet times where you take a step back, reflect and grow.
Always there

Have feedback for a presentation or after a 1:1? You can trigger new feedback for a colleague from anywhere at any time.

Better feedback

We have built good feedback coaching into our platform to help your team give each other the best feedback.

Feel safe

Giving negative feedback is vulnerable but valuable. Feel safe by looping in your colleagues manager or even be anonymous if you want.

Discover your patterns

By having access to all feedback at all time we give anyone the option to step back, reflect and grow.

Better understanding

Create a better understanding by starting a conversation and get more details on how to improve.

Help your team

Check up on your team members latest feedback quicky before any 1:1.

Create a great feedback culture

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