Solutions to the top 10 challenges of remote work

Aleksi Saastamoinen
Nov 29, 2023
7 min read

While remote working has equipped workers with more freedom and independence in their craft, as work culture has changed to a more remote work environment some new challenges have risen.

For some, adapting to these new remote or hybrid work environments have created some problems with their everyday life.

Not to worry, all of your most common remote working problems can be solved.

Let’s go through 10 of the most common challenges and some solutions for you to revolutionize your remote office life.

Lack of work-life balance

You are a human, which means you need time for your brain and body to recharge. Us humans are social creatures and maintaining relationships with other humans is important.

When you are working from home, you do not have the outline of office = work so shutting your “work-brain” off and focusing on your freetime activities can be difficult. This is often seen in the form of overworking.

Well, how do you fix this to get everything out of your freetime while still keeping up your work efficiency?


This way you will have set goals and know that when you are done, you are done and that is it.

Managerial challenges

As a manager, you will notice that remote working affects your communication a lot since not everyone is in a F2F situation with you. Managers need to be able to know what their team is doing while being available for any problem solving.


Difficulty in unplugging

It can be challenging to mentally disconnect from work when the workspace is at home, leading to decreased relaxation. When your work laptop is always on you, you might just keep working or atleast think about working in your free time.


Distractions at home

As home is a place for various activities, working from home can lead to various distractions like family members, household chores, or pets, impacting your productivity.


Time zone differences

Coordinating work across different time zones can be challenging, leading to delays in responses and collaboration between team members.


Lack of feedback

Remote workers may receive less immediate feedback or recognition compared to in-office colleagues due to not everyone working at the same time. Being that feedback is a great tool to boost your motivation and giving suggestions on future work is crucial for the quality of work there needs to be a solution.


Overworking or burnout

Without setting clear boundaries, remote workers might find it challenging to disconnect from work, leading to burnout. This goes hand in hand with the difficulty in unplugging in the sense that not being able to unplug from work can increase the risk of burnout.


Establish a routine

Working from home might make it challenging to establish a consistent work routine due to flexibility possibilities. You, being used to an office routine might get the urge to sleep in and do other stuff that might delay your work tasks.


Difficulty in collaboration

Remote work can sometimes hinder effective teamwork and collaboration due to limited in-person interaction. Suddenly, being more independent in your work can make you think that you are all alone with your work.


Isolation and loneliness

Working remotely can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness due to the absence of physical interaction with colleagues.



While moving to remote work might issue its own challenges, there is a solution to your problems.

Finding the right balance between work and freetime lets you optimize your days. This happens by setting boundaries like exact working hours and a designated office space.

Prioritize communication with family members and work colleagues to make sure everyone is on the same page with clear ambitions and targets.

Creating team bonding events and maintaining social interaction helps you to navigate the realm of remote work.

Utilizing a platform which helps you in your remote leadership journey will give you a better experience in remote leadership.

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