3 Ways to Replace Unproductive Meetings

Emilio Adán Soriano
Dec 16, 2023
4 min read

Certainly, you have probably experienced the nightmare of an unproductive meeting at work more than once. A meeting where you ask yourself, "Why am I here? Was it really necessary to gather for this? Has it served any purpose?"

If so, don't worry, you're not alone. According to a study from Harvard University, 70% of work meetings are absolutely pointless. In other words, they are entirely dispensable.

For this study, hundreds of managers and employees were interviewed, yielding the following results:

You must understand the crucial role that effective meetings play in fostering a collaborative and efficient work environment. For this reason, we have developed and implemented some innovative strategies to bid farewell to unproductive meetings in our company.

In this article, we will share these strategies with you so that you can improve the efficiency of your meetings and enhance team collaboration. We will explain the benefits of each strategy and how to implement them in a straightforward manner.

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Async meetings allows for reflection

Synchronous meetings can often be a hindrance due to conflicting schedules and diverse time zones. Recognizing this challenge, the solution is to embrace asynchronous meetings, redefining how team members come together.

Benefits of Asynchronous Meetings

Implementation Steps

To learn more abour async-meetings see: 7 Best Tools for Asynchronous Meetings, Successful Asynchronous Meetings - A Practical How-To

Digital Daily and Weekly Records

Transparency should be a fundamental value for your company as it fosters trust and team collaboration. To improve transparency, you can implement daily and weekly digital logs.

These records are a digital map of what your team does every day and each week. You should document tasks, achievements, and collaboration among team members, recording all this information until you create reports. You can use project management tools to help with this, making everything clear and more efficient.

Benefits of Digital Records

Implementation Steps

Task and Project-Based Communication

Effective communication is the cornerstone of success in any company. To simplify and enhance communication, adopt task and project-based communication strategies.

Benefits of Task and Project-Based Communication



The constant search to promote an efficient work environment led us to adopt innovative strategies to transform our work meetings. By following these three strategies, you not only say goodbye to unproductive meetings but also reinforce the collaboration and effectiveness of the entire team.

Each strategy implemented has a clear purpose:

  1. Providing flexibility.
  2. Encouraging reflection.
  3. Promotion of transparency.
  4. Improve collaborative efficiency.

The combination of these three strategies will improve your internal dynamics and also lay the foundation for a more cohesive and goal-oriented work environment.

The most important thing to improve our productivity is to plan our work in advance. To plan our work correctly, we must follow a structure. Structure is the key to all planning. This will proactively eliminate meetings, meaning team members will be able to work more asynchronously in the way they find most productive.

Innovation in meeting management is a necessity and an opportunity to build stronger and more engaged teams. As we continue to explore new ways to optimize our practices, we share these strategies in hopes of inspiring others to revolutionize their own meetings and achieve greater levels of efficiency and collaboration in their work environments.

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