Alternatives to OKRs

Agustina Scorticati Louro
Updated Feb 05, 2024
5 min read
Goal setting in Workjoy
We made Workjoy to making goal setting super easy - no matter of you use OKRs or other frameworks.

For the success of any company, clear and established goals are needed to follow where the entire team must be aligned.

Traditionally, OKRs, or "Objectives and Key Results," have been established hierarchically, descending from top management objectives to lower levels of the organization. However, this traditional structure limits teams involvement in running the company and misses valuable insights from those directly engaged in daily operations.

Benefits of OKRs

Drawbacks of OKRs

To help teams achieve OKRs collaboratively:

By taking these steps, we not only close the execution gap but also foster a dynamic and collaborative environment where teams contribute to achieving the OKRs.

Exploring Goal-setting Alternatives

Success isn't one-size-fits-all. We've seen that while OKRs have their strengths, there's no harm in trying out other methods. No matter the size of your organization or your personal preferences, working as a team involves thinking about the bigger picture. This will guarantee you success not only in your business but in your leadership path. Remember, Goal-setting is a journey, not a one-stop destination.

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