Focused Conversation Channels

Hans-Kristian Bjerregaard
Feb 23, 2024
1 min read
"Focused Conversation Channels in Workjoy"
A Q&A channel in Workjoy using focused conversations for an easier overview.

We believe in focused communication.

We hate how chaotic work communication has been. Your conversations are spread across a ton of tools and tools keep fighting for your attention.

Way too much noise - and way too little actual quality communication.

We have now taken this to the next level with conversation-based channels.

It's channels (like the ones you know from Slack) but instead of being one big mess, all communication is neatly organised in focused conversations.

Keep conversations focused over time

The most annoying thing in Slack is to keep a focused conversation over time. Neither direct chats nor channels are built for this and threads are just so easy to break. You can create a channel per conversation but that is just a hack.

We were deeply frustrated that a billion-dollar company could not do better - so we built what we would love to have.

Now channels are great for keeping conversations on topic over a long period.

"Focused Conversation in Workjoy"
Use conversations to keep individual discussions separated and focused.

Make it easy to control who sees what

Public and private channels where people can unsubscribe as they see fit just don't work.

We have made it super easy to organise your company's conversation channels. Just select if a channel should be available to everyone or only select people or teams. Then when people are added to teams they will automatically see their channels as well.

"Focused Conversation settings in Workjoy"
Easily set up the right communication channels in your company.

And if a channel becomes too noisy you can always mute a channel or a single conversation.

Set up your communication for success

Great outcomes require great inputs. So to set up your conversations right we have added draft mode so you can take good time to write your first message without anyone seeing your drafts.

You can even have multiple drafts in a conversation at a time.

"Focused Conversation in Workjoy"
Take your time to set off the conversation the right way.

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