Employee Profiles

Hans-Kristian Bjerregaard
Jan 20, 2024
1 min read
Workjoy employee profiles
Instantly see everything you have collaborated with any colleauge on.

Most companies understand the benefit of centralising their customer data in a CRM - yet their employee data and workflows are spread across 5, 6, 7 apps?! 🤯

A key motivation for building WorkJoy is that we live in a time where you can have communication, project management, goal-setting, knowledge base, check-ins, and feedback tools in one single place 😁

My favorite result of this work is our employee profiles - you can look up any colleague and instantly see:

This makes it super easy to never drop the ball when working - especially across your company.

As a leader, this means that you can be on top of your team without interrupting them and prepare for 1:1s in less than a minute.

Being on top like this gives you peace of mind and frees you up to focus on the most interesting work 🙏 😁

Read all about emplyee profiles here 👉

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