Quit the Trap of Micromanaging: A 6-Step Formula for Accountability

Beatriz Boavida
Jan 16, 2024
3 min read

Avoiding micromanaging is tricky.

Although intentions may be good, the consequences can be devastating for team performance. From impacting team morale and slowing down productivity to creating an environment lacking trust and motivation, over-controlling leadership is set for failure.

So, why do so many leaders end up micromanaging?

It may seem to be a good solution to ensure great results. The more you control, the less that can go wrong, right? The problem is as soon as you engage with this practice, you give up on your team. Instead of empowering, you are controlling.

This automatically leads to disengagement and demotivation. And the less they care for the company’s results, the worse their performance is, and you feel a greater need to continue micromanaging.

At this point, you are caught in a vicious cycle that may only end when one gives up and quits or fires the other.

Break free from the micromanaging cycle before it breaks you.

To open the door to success and embody a calmer leadership style, you should focus on empowering your team and setting the foundations for an accountability culture. As DHH puts it “People will raise to your high standards or fall to your low standards”.

Accountability is hard. Probably one of the most challenging things a leader can create, but it is possible.

It all starts with a self-assessment, noticing and acknowledging you are engaging in over-controlling behaviours. Then be willing to learn, change, and improve. To help you find the intricate balance between overseeing results and empowering your team members, we have put together a 6-step formula for accountability. 

The 6-Step Formula

Great leaders do not control, they inspire and support. Take the following steps as a guide to ease your leadership role, making it more enjoyable and rewarding:

Key takeaways

Accountability is the solution to break from the micromanaging cycle some leaders may unintendedly fall into. It is a challenging process that should be fully embraced as it results in remarkable outcomes. With a few easy steps, you can start building your way into an accountability culture and creating a new way of doing leadership:

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