Hello, World!

Hans-Kristian Bjerregaard
Apr 12, 2023
2 min read

Hi, we are Workjoy

We are on a mission to make work more joyful and we believe everyone deserves to look equally forward to Fridays and Mondays ❤

And who has the biggest impact on how your Mondays feel? Your leader!

But though leaders do such an important job - not only to their companies, but to all humans who go to work - they are extremely undeserved when it comes to tools for helping them lead well. There is a ton of tools out there but no one has truly committed them self as being there to help the leaders in all of their problems.

That is why I have built Workjoy. Workjoy is the tool I dreamed of having as a leader when scaling Clerk.io. Both when we were a small team of 20 people and leading really became hard but especially as we ballooned to 150 and I had to help other leaders lead well, I always felt like there never was a tool for me.

Don't get me wrong, there are a ton of tools - they all just do a small part of the job. I felt like if I wanted to go all in on tools to help me, I would need around 5 just for leading well. That was just too much on top of all the other work tools we had.

So this idea of one opinionated tool built to help leaders lead well started to appear. And when the thought first had appeared, I saw the need everywhere. So I stepped down as CEO of Clerk.io to dedicate myself to helping other leaders lead well.

I have spent the past year studying great leaders but also interviewing some of the best people from leaders to regular employees to really understand the problems they all were facing.

This all amounted to two things:

  1. The Calm Leadership Method: People don't love Mondays because of a tool, they love them because they get to do exciting things with people they care about and a leader that supports them.
  2. The Workjoy app: The tool built to help leaders practice good leadership - whether it being strictly Calm Leadership or any other leadership methodology.

This is just the start, much more will follow. We know this will be a long journey and we are excited to share our learnings and thinking as we make progress.

Today, we are starting to accept teams and companies to Workjoy. If you are interested in joining early and influencing the direction of Workjoy, sign up here and follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Make your team love mondays!

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